A virtual volunteering experience

Recent conversations between the university and employers have again stressed the value employers place on candidates with volunteering experience. This time it’s Barclays who were keen to impress that on us.

And I’ve come across a new model of doing Volunteering work in the shape of UN Volunteers. Now, they aren’t asking for volunteers to don blue hats and stand in the middle of conflicts but they are looking for people to undertake real project work which perhaps crucially you can often do from home. It’s a really interesting and flexible way of doing things and whilst you may miss the face to face contact it does still involve you collaborating with others remotely. An ability becoming increasingly important and sought after by employers as the world moves in its global direction. Put it this way, there are countless people now managing and working within global remote teams.

A paean to volunteering from one of your own

Friday afternoon often gives time to look what’s out there on the news wires about the subject we’re all grasping with. Finding gainful employment and increasing your chances of doing so. All the better when the advice isn’t coming from someone like me and instead is coming from someone who like you is facing up to the reality of graduate job hunting as we speak.

Let me introduce you to Disillusioned Classics Grad from The Guardian and her new found view points on the value of volunteering. Look out for my particular hot topics of Continue reading

Fancy swapping weather for ducks for something completely different?

Whilst I welcome the arrival of winter for the inevitable winter sports opportunities it brings there’s no doubt it’s a bit grim weather-wise at the moment. Which is why one particular organisation at yesterday’s careers fair caught my attention. Because in the beginning of the depths of a UK winter one organisation are still looking for applications to join them on an island paradise in January 2011.

What’s the deal? Well, the High Commission of the Maldives are looking for Continue reading

Wondering where to find opportunities to volunteer? Event next Wednesday

Over the last 12 months I’ve posted a number of times on the value of volunteering to help you get your career job and about the opportunities out there. Just to re-quote Dragon’s Den’s James Caan, “When I see two graduates whose CVs read the same, I look for activities like volunteering which gives the CV a unique selling point.” And I’m sure at the moment one thing that’s really on your mind is “how can I stand out?”.

Next Wednesday (October 6th) on campus there’s the ideal opportunity to uncover where these volunteering opportunities are. You can check out who’s going to Continue reading

What do volunteering, a Brunel grad and one of the entrepreneurial Dragons have in common?

This article. That’s what. Adding to my features on the employability of volunteering, find out how volunteering’s really worked for recent Brunel grad Rui Jorge Octavio, how to access grants to help start your own local volunteering projects and why volunteering on a cv makes a real difference for Continue reading

Brunel grad volunteers, does well, gets offered job – fact

There’s been some really pleasing news drifting in over the January period each morning as I sit down, log on and check my emails. Take today as an example. A Brunel grad wrote to inform me that the volunteering role they’ve been doing recently for a charity has turned in to a full time job offer, paid and everything.

Really timely as we’re a few days away from Wednesday’s workshop on how volunteering can make you more employable. Sign up now!

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