What wood YOU thikn if u got an email like this ;-)…

…from an employer. Maybe at first glance you’d think it was from a friend of yours. No one in particular, but it’s how we write emails when we aren’t concentrating properly and when we are feeling laid back. But if it came from a potential employer would you then want to work for them?

Chances are probably not but the sense of professionalism we’d expect from them is something we don’t always follow ourselves.  Do we. And employers notice the hastily written, misspelt, over friendly email. And did you know that at chartered accountancy firm Moore Stephens the interviewers of grads are given copies of all correspondence between you and them up to that point of interview. Not just your cv and cover letter. Makes you think, doesn’t it.

The only person in complete control of your personal brand is you. It’s competitive out there.

We are how we write – first, second, third impressions count

In today’s news a teacher has been lambasted for sending an email to parents littered with spelling and grammatical errors. The article makes clear the poor impression this made on the parents in question. It struck a chord with me because I often receive emails from students and grads with similar errors. I assume the mindset is “It’s only an email” and when it comes to cvs, cover letters and application forms they’d get this right.

But every communication you have with Continue reading

Local global employer rolls red carpet out for Brunel grads

On the evening of December 14th PwC‘s Uxbridge Office would like to extend an invite to join them for an open evening where you’ll get the chance to meet and mingle with partners and recent graduate recruits – all of them ready to give you honest, straightforward answers to your questions. In the process, you’ll pick up crucial insights into what your talent and commitment can bring – such as graduate training that gives you breadth and depth of knowledge, support to gain a professional qualification, and the chance to work with different teams and offices. This is one invitation you shouldn’t pass up.

Time: 6.00pm
Location: The Atrium, 1 Harefied Road, Uxbridge.

Please sign-up online at pwc.com/uk/careers/

An entertaining and practically informative pod cast

I’ve only just got round to listening to this graduate careers podcast from late August and I’m glad I finally did get round to it. A great range of panelists, phonecalls and stories from actual graduates and I’m sure within this programme there’s something you take away from it that either reassures you, inspires you or you recognise yourself in. You’ll also hear a certain amount of the things that I keep on (and will keep on) banging on about concerning the realities of job and career hunting as a graduate. See how many you pick up on.

Get more of the employer’s opinions right now

I must take my hat off to The Guardian’s careers forums. They’re consistently relevant. I’ve been reading through their latest one on Working for a Top Graduate Employer. Reps from Channel 4, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, PwC, Saatchi & Saatchi, Penguin, and Savills are answering questions. In amidst the inevitable plugs for their own schemes there’s some really powerful advice coming through, some of which will sound familiar from my own blog posts! Really practical. Whether you’re looking to apply to small, medium sized or big organisations.

More employer’s views on the value of a Masters to them

As promised. Turned into a really interesting 7 page (!) discussion. Panel was a mixture of graduate recruitment managers (Centrica, Grant Thornton), careers consultants with real world experience, the chief executive of the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR), and specialist graduate recruitment consultants.

Nice person that I am I thought I’d break it down in to a more digestible size for you. Read here. It’s Continue reading

One sector’s response to the latest grad recruitment picture

You’ve already read my thoughts on the recent survey released by the Association of Graduate Recruiters. Here’s the perspective of a significant member of the Accountancy industry. It’s a very useful website they’ve got as well, particularly the career sections and blog. Essential reading for the budding accountants out there.